Design the whole product


Job Responsibilities
  • To work in Internet Application Division mainly.
  • Ready to work in other divisions also.
  • Ready to work beyond regular office hour to meet deadline.

Our Vision

ECBB Design the whole product

Going Global, Internet Love.

Everything must go, go global
with love & respect to the internet.

We want to make the world flat.
We want to fight the problems of differences,
between low and high all over the world.

The truth is always in the minority.
We want to be the light of hope for them.

We're growing rapidly, on track to reaching an international scale.
We are investing in developing nations, and seeking markets in global centres.

We're creating new applications for the Web 2.0 world, with multimedia, community and commerce being key points.
At ECBB, we have the intention to utilise the leverage our geographic location provides, looking to tap local talent along with sourcing skilled labour from South East and Central Asia. We are currently developing relations with an IT group in Bangladesh, and considering similar in Thailand and Malaysia. Our goal is to develop products of a world standard for meeting a global market.